Should Your Surveillance System Be Live Monitored?

Active Remote Monitoring (ARM)

With ARM, we have added a layer into the electronic surveillance equation to ensure that the best possible coverage is available to the client. 

Having a trained individual at the controls of sophisticated surveillance equipment is a failsafe in the monitoring process. While advanced technology is phenomenal and has made huge advances in recent versions of products, it is also indiscriminate and can not detect a dangerous potentially life threatening situation from any other motion trigger. 

With ARM we take the guesswork out of a situation and make a solid, real world decision that can absolutely change the outcome of that incident versus a passive (not monitored) surveillance system.


Applications where ARM is an appropriate solution

  • Government Facilities

  • School Districts

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Complexes

  • Recreation and Entertainment Venues

  • Homes Associations

  • Residential Applications

Active Remote Monitoring Benefits

  • Immediate visual evaluation and confirmation of an incident or need for investigation.

  • Quicker response time for First Responders.

  • Realtime updates to First Responders before arrival or during incident.

  • Faster mean time to resolution.

  • Alert of hardware or network issues on site when it occurs.

In Summary

Proper and effective surveillance is a complex process. It involves various layers or planning, equipment and personnel. Choosing a complete solution versus a passive solution has the potential to save not only life but property and mean time to recovery depending on the situation. With quality components, advanced analytics software and highly trained personnel, Strongpoint International can assist you in protecting your interests on a whole new level.

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