Choosing a Security Provider: Things to Consider

When it comes to protecting your company, your intellectual property, your employees and yourself, the hiring of protection services is a big step to addressing those needs. In the past, many have viewed this part of their company’s mission as something that is nice to have, but not something needed because “nothing has ever happened there before”. However, this is occurring more and more where scenarios could easily escalate and in the end bring a company down for the financial burden unleashed in the aftermath. Some of the reasons may be a financial burden due to litigation, fear to work in that environment and the backlash from media coverage and more. Having a good plan in place and knowing what your risks potentially are, is essential. When looking for the right protection solution, there are several things to take into consideration.


What are your needs? Often you may or may not be aware of what your security or protection needs are, so hiring a professional expert to evaluate your location (s), environment, building and risk profile is very valuable. It will give you a strong understanding from the expert view of what your risks potentially could be. Whether your risks are geographical, surveillance, personnel attrition rate, or just having a presence, after your needs are known, adjusting your budget to address the risks is the next critical step .


One of the most important things in evaluating the right company to partner with, is the overall Qualifications. How does the company hire and what qualifications do they review prior to hiring a protection specialist. Does the company just hire off the street with minimal background checks and only train them once hired. Or does the company hire experienced protection specialists that have several years being armed or unarmed in different risk scenarios, which brings a more calm approach to how they handle elevated situations. What level of services does the company offer? Do they offer both armed and unarmed protection specialists? What is their training requirements for each. All of this is important to know as a company so that you can address your specific needs based on your risk assessment.


Understanding the companies mission and offerings is very important. But equally important is what experience they provide. Based on your risk profile, having protection specialists on board that knows what they are doing can be the element that takes a high risk situation and brings it to a calm resolution. So knowing and having a strong understanding of the experience level a company brings as well as the protection specialist they plan on using for your facility/event/ or service, can make all the all difference in the world. We recommend asking for resumes of the protection specialists during the contracting process as well as getting documentation on the experience level of the company itself.


Evaluating the contractual terms is also vital. What contractual plans does the company offer? Do they offer month to month or annual services? What insurance do they use? What does the insurance cover? This is a critically important element as this is the piece that can easily cause a company to go under financially in recovery costs.   The important thing is to build in the contract exactly what your needs are and evaluate that the company is able to cover those needs effectively.