I joined the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school in the late 90's. During my military career, I learned a great deal about domestic and international terrorism, its impact, and how to combat it.

After leaving the military, I joined the police force of a Kansas City suburb where I served as a road patrol officer then moved to SWAT where I held positions as a sniper, sniper team leader, and point man. I also served as a general crimes detective for 3 1/2 years. 

While working for the police department, I had the opportunity to observe multiple security companies who employed grossly under-trained and inexperienced personnel. Most of them were too young or too old to adequately do their job and truly protect their clients. They had not been provided proper equipment nor did they possess the command presence necessary to be a visual deterrent. These downfalls left the civilian sector, be it corporate buildings or campuses, places of worship, schools, hospitals and many others vulnerable to real threats and unnecessary risks.

Because of my extensive military and law-enforcement background, I have built many friendships with United States military veterans. I started to see a very disturbing pattern where outrageous numbers of veterans were committing suicide on a daily basis (These statistics were staggering). This fact was unacceptable and I knew I needed to do whatever I could to make a positive impact in this area with the resources and skills God has given me. 

I sat down and asked God what he would have me do and in 2012, he birthed the vision of Strongpoint Intl. in my heart and mind. I knew I needed to provide a place where these highly trained and skilled men and women could go and find meaningful employment while at the same time entering into that camaraderie and brotherhood they were used to with their units or departments.

Trusting God would provide the means to accomplish the vision he gave me, I set out on a mission to provide a solution to the problems I was seeing around me. Step-by-step I started to assemble a team of dedicated veterans who were each subject matter expert's in their own fields. We began networking and building a solid client base while also building an incredible team of highly trained, decorated and qualified veterans and law-enforcement professionals to staff any security need brought to our doorstep.

The name Strongpoint was derived from Proverbs 18:10 which states: "The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe!"

Because this is what God is for us, this is what we Vow to be for those who place their trust in us.

-Nathan T. Briggs President